Winds, waves and beauty

The Northern part of Guanacaste extends from the border of Nicaragua to the northern edge of the “Golfo de Papagayo”. One of the most notable characteristics of several beaches in this region are the strong winds, present from December to April, that produce two unique qualities: lower water temperatures during the hottest time of the year, and perfect winds for enjoying aquatic sports like wind surfing.

This region also contains 3 protected areas: The National refuge of wildlife Island Bolaños, great for birdwatching; National Refuge of wildlife “Junquillal” Bay and The National Park “Santa Rosa”. Because these are protected areas, the beaches are almost untouched and preserve their wild, natural aspects. Some examples are Playa Naranjo (Roca Bruja: a paradise for surfers), Playa Nancite and Playa Cabuyal among others.

Pochote Beach
Located in La Cruz, across from Bolaños island, this beach offers aquatic activities like swimming, diving, and fishing. Due to its strong water currents, precaution is advised.

Rajada beach
Located 8 Km to the west of “Soley Port”, this beach offers clear sand and smooth waves, ideal for taking advantage of the leafy tree shadow at the end of the sandy area of this beach. However, it does not have minimum infrastructure.

Nabos Beach
This beach consists of white sands and smooth swell, great for a quiet and calm enjoyment of the water. It does not count on infrastructure, yet offers beautiful, paradise-like views.

Blanca Beach
Blanca beach is located in Blanca Bay, on the Peninsula of Santa Elena. Situated in the zone with the most geological antiquity in Costa Rica, this beach, part of The National Park Santa Rosa, is horseshoe shaped extending some 5 km with rocky promontories on both ends. It offers extensive forest areas and mangrove swamps, possessing abundant coastal vegetation. Its amplitude and tranquil waters make it a perfect spot for restful vacationing.