Paradise, excellence and party

Without a doubt Tamarindo and its neighboring beaches form a zone of huge development and touristic importance. This zone is characterized for harboring those that come from all corners of the earth, and who have made Tamarindo a way of life.

The great quantity of commerce and tourism supported by all types of services and amenities make this a favorite place to live and retire. The landscape is modified along the coast with mansions and fine hotels, but still surrounded by beautiful, and un-touched nature.

The fast growing developments however, have presented problems of contamination and service dissatisfaction due to the huge demand. Nevertheless, various entities are working hard to improve the existing situation and to maintain this zone as a popular favorite.

Surrounding Tamarindo you can find two protected areas, the Marine Park “Las Baulas”, internationally known as a destination for Baula Turtles to lay their eggs, and the National Refuge of wildlife Tamarindo.

Playa Tamarindo
Tamarindo is without a doubt one of the most visited beaches within the province, where the infrastructure development is hectic. A favorite surfing destination, this beach is an 'Ecological Blue Flag'.
Tamarindo is equipped with a vast variety of services and amenities that guarantee the satisfaction of almost any tourist's need. Everything can be found in Tamarindo, from banks, shopping centers and supermarkets, to pharmacies, real estate offices, and doctors.
Tamarindo also offers a large variety of nightlife and entertainment. You can find coffee shops, casual or upscale dining options and great bars and discotheques.

Playa Flamingo
This beach is another favorite amongst tourists. Flamingo beach has grown increasingly throughout the year becoming one of the most popular and important places within the region. It offers a variety of lodgings options and a vast amount of places for entertainment to include bars and restaurants with excellent services.

Flamingo is a beach with the 'Ecological Blue Flag', where you can enjoy activities from aquatic sports to fishing. It also harbors a small navy.

Playa Potrero
This beach is within walking distance of Flamingo beach, so it is a favorite for those who want to be close enough to take pictures and long walks on the great beaches. It can be surfed part of the year, and is also a great place for swimming in the ocean.
“Playa Potrero”, like other beaches in the region, is a favorite place for the development of condominiums and prospective places to live, presenting fast infrastructural growth.

Playa Conchal
Without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on the pacific coast! “Playa Conchal”, drawing allusion to its name, possesses instead of fine sand, a floor conformed by small seashells that amazes everyone who sets foot on it. The beach is adorned by a perfect vegetation and crystalline water.
Yet another prizewinner with an Ecological Blue Flag, this beach relies on nearby services that are located by Brasilito and Flamingo beach. It is a favorite place for snorkeling, yet it is advised to exercise caution while swimming, because of its broken terrain.

Playa Brasilito
A fine and dark sand covers 2.54 meters of this beach, located next to Conchal, marking an interesting difference between both of these neighbors. One of many Bay beaches, its abundance of natural resources, smooth swells and the clarity of its water, along with its sand, vegetation and overall landscape, distinguish it from the rest of the beaches in this region.

Playa Langosta
“Playa Langosta” is great for surfing and contains beautiful, picture-perfect landscapes and views. The beautiful fauna attracts many visitors, including the Baula and Lora Turtles who come here to lay their eggs. Due to its proximity to Tamarindo, all types of services are offered while providing a diverse lodging infrastructure for the comfort of its visitors.

Playa Pietra
“Playa Pietra” is a small and quiet beach, with smooth swell and abundant vegetation. Towards the south you can view the “Punta Pietra” and the small island of “Chocoyas”, making it an interesting view.

Playa Grande
This beach is located at the center of the Baulas Marine National Park, for it is one of the favourite locations for the Baula turtles to lay their eggs. People interested in seeing and learning about these amazing creatures can volunteer with the park, or take tours with specialized biologists and tour guides.
Even though this beach is protected, some infrastructural development occurs in line with the guidelines that protect the visiting turtles.
Its extensive beach permits a landscape of admiration for the enjoyment of long walks. It does not possess trees, making it difficult to find shadows, but provides for a guaranteed sun-tan. It is also a favorite destination for surfers.