Development, service and nature

The Gulf of “Papagayo” is one of the most important focal points of the touristic development and interest in the area. This is partly due to its closeness to Guanacaste’s capital city, Liberia, and partly because it hosts one of the best developed projects in the zone. The mega investments taken place in this area has completely changed the landscape of its well known beaches.



The Gulf of “Papagayo” posses very important tourist value for the province of Guanacaste, yet it also signifies a turistic gold mine for the whole country. Consequently, the local government, through the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT), elaborated a plan to create slow, orderly, and sustained development for the area in order to maximize results and minimize natural exploitation. Therefore, a specific legislation has been set in place and the area was declared of turistic value and named Polo Turistico Golfo de Papagayo.

Within this gulf, prestigious, international hotels exist and more than 27 concessions are bringing in new projects to the area. This will perhaps be the most developed area of the province in the future!

Papagayo offers beautiful beaches like “Playa Hermosa” and “Playas del Coco”, which are the pioneers of the touristic activity in our country. There is also “Playa Ocotal” and “Playa Panama”. These four beaches, located in close proximity to each other, offer tourists easy transport through them, making it a very appealing destination for those looking for great restaurants and a colorful local night life.

Playas del Coco
Playas del Coco is perhaps the oldest popular tourist destination. Even before the sixties, local business saw the opportunity for turistic exploitation of this beach. Costaricans made “El Coco” a preferred vacation destiny for families. Therefore, it offers everything from individual properties, small condos and room rentals, to luxury hotels and condominiums. It is one of the few destinations that have entered with large projects without great effect to the local population.

Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa is a gorgeous beach comprised of small, semi-open bays, with lots of stability and smooth and constructive swells. It possesses great coastal vegetation, and a fantastic landscape. This beach is a popular destination among national as well as foreign tourists, offering hotels, cabins and rental properties, as well as aquatic and terrestrial tours.

Playa Ocotal
A small, yet complex, white sand beach that contains an exceptional landscape of ridges, promontories of great visual value, cliffs and the beautiful small island of Ocotal. For such reasons, Beach Ocotal is a perfect place for scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. The beauty of this beach, and its vast tourist attractions, make it a favorite for everyone.

Playa Panamá
Possessing some of the smoothest waves within the region, this beach makes for a great destination for family swimming. The beaches have plenty of vegetation on its coast, offering shadowed areas ideal for camping and quiet afternoon naps under the trees. Panama beach is a frequently traveled destination by local nationals and offers some basic amenities.

Playa Culebra y Playa Iguanita
“Culebra” Bay seems like it’s locked inside itself and is an authentic paradise of harmony, with no swell. This place calms even the most hectic minds. In Beach Iguanita the deep blue sea becomes a paradise in the middle of nowhere, with tranquil water and plenty of trees, making it a great place to rest and enjoy your vacation away from the business of more heavily touristed areas. Both beaches lack important infrastructure for the moment.

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