Sea kayaking in Guanacaste

Tourism Chamber of Guanacaste features Sea Kayaking Tour at the sunny side of Costa Rica.

Sea Kayaking is offered throughout the Pacific coast region of Costa Rica and can be enjoyed in many different beaches of Guanacaste. With smooth waves, it is a great way to reach the estuaries and mangrove swamps, and with turbulent waves, it is an adventure similar to a roller coaster ride, but only for those with experience.

The kayak is a small, long and skinny water craft. Modern kayaks have evolved into numerous specialized types, that may be broadly categorized according to their application as sea kayaks, whitewater (or river) kayaks, surf kayaks, and racing kayaks (flat water, white water, or slalom), though many hybrid types do exist as well, broadly labeled as recreational kayaks.

Kayaks are propelled with a double-bladed paddle by a sitting paddler. The paddle is a cylinder of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon or kevlar (including different alloys of these materials) with two concave or flat spades oriented in opposite directions to one another.

The kayak is generally light and can easily be transported on the shoulder. A correctly fitting life-jacket should always be worn while on the water.

It is suggested, if possible, to carry a half bottle of compressed air (for 5 minutes worth of breathing) while kayaking in more extreme conditions, in case of rolling over under a swirl of water, or between submerged rocks.

For long distance tours one should carry a GPS system, compass, or a cell phone.

Equipment Needed
  • Vest (class III or IV).
  • Helmet for descent of rivers
  • Adequate Footwear.
  • Buoy of support (Kayak of sea or lakes)
  • wet Suit.
  • Nose cover

Many locations around Guanacaste offer kayaking excursions. Please search in
the ‘search/buscar’ location above, or check out our ‘services’ section for specific details of where to find
kayaking activities.