Rappelling in Guanacaste

Tourism Chamber of Guanacaste features Rappelling Tour at the sunny side of Costa Rica.


Derived from the French word “rappel”, rappelling involves using a system of cords to descend down a vertical surface. The rope is secured at the top and passes through a harness attached to the participant’s body. Rappelling often is practiced as part of another activity, usually hiking, zip-lining, rock climbing, or spelunking, as well as any other activity requiring vertical descents out in nature.

Many locations around Guanacaste offer activities where rappelling is included. Please search in the ‘search/buscar’ location above, or check out our ‘services’ section for specific details of where to rappel.

Collective Gear
  • Flat Tape or cord for anchorage
  • Cord
  • Coils with or without safety locks

Personal Gear
  • Harness
  • Coil with safety locks
  • Anchorages
  • Descensor
  • Helmet
  • Gloves