Moutain bike in Guanacaste

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Tourism Chamber of Guanacaste features Mountain Bike tours at the sunny side of Costa Rica.


Biking is a sport which has been growing in popularity, and has a solid following of adventure seeking enthusiasts. Those interested in eco-tourism or rural tourism would also enjoy the mountain biking tours offered in Guanacaste as they wind through trails amongst the rural landscapes and tropical forests. Additionally a great physical and mental workout is provided by road biking as well as mountain biking (not always on a mountain, but simply off the road), using a large percentage of the muscles in one’s body and requiring good concentration and focus. Be advised that one should be aware of their particular skill level, their level of physical fitness and their mental prepared-ness for acting quickly in situations brought on by the terrain, as certain dangers may be encountered. A plethora of trails exist, and at every skill level, so that everyone who wishes, regardless of skill level, can participate. Tours can last anywhere from 2 hours to 8 or more hours, all depending on what one desires. Most hotels offer mountain biking tours, and provide all the necessary equipment.

The best location for biking seems to be Tilaran-Guanacaste, though all of Guanacaste is a paradise for mountain bikers!

The most popular mountain biking category within Guanacaste is the Marathon bike category. This category consists of routes composed of mountainous terrain and distances normally between 40-65 miles, with some extending up to 80 miles. There are also several competitions in this category, open for professional levels as well as for non-professional enthusiasts; the biggest of which is the “Ruta de los Conquistadores”, which takes place in October.

Many locations around Guanacaste offer biking tours. Please search in
the ‘search/buscar’ location above, or check out our ‘services’ section for specific details of where to find
biking tours.

In order to mountain bike you will need the following equipment:
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Goggles or sport glasses
  • Biking shorts and jersey
  • Water bottle