Canopy in Guanacaste

Tourism Chamber of Guanacaste features the Canopy Tour at the sunny side of Costa Rica.

The experience of riding among the tree tops in the majestic Costa Rican tropical forests is simply unforgettable. Providing a purely unique thrill - a great adrenaline rush - along with unbelievable views, it is something everyone should do!


However, is is not recommended for those suffering from vertigo, who are afraid of heights, pregnant women, or people with back injuries or special needs.
Some of the platforms can be as high as 27 meters (88.5 feet), though the majority are typically around 15 meters (49.2 feet). Canopy tours are guided by professional individuals that assure the safety and comfort of participants throughout the entire canopy tour. Security lines and harness are always used.

An all-inclusive canopy tour has recently premiered in the country that combines rappelling and rock climbing along with the zip-lining. This adventure involves a bit more, and is one better suited to more athletic and adventurous individuals.
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To go canopying - or ‘zip lining’, as it is also know as - one should wear comfortable, close-fitting clothes of adequate warmth, and closed toe shoes. One should also prepare for potential rain (during the rainy season), with proper water proof clothing. At the same time it is advised to pack as little as possible to ease one’s movements during the tour. The tour operates under all weather condition, except for thunderstorms.

Many locations around Guanacaste offer activities where canopying, or zip-lining, is offered. Please search in the ‘search/buscar’ location above, or check out our ‘services’ section for specific details of where to find canopy tours.