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Tilaran Guanacaste

Tilarán is the eighth canton in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. The canton covers up an area of 638.39 km², and has a population of 19,045. Its capital city is also called Tilarán.

Lake Arenal is a central point of the canton, drawing tourists with its beauty and prime wind-surfing conditions, as well as providing hydro-electric power to the area. The canton surrounds the lake(Laguna de Arenal) except for the lake's southeast end, which belongs to the province of Alajuela. The northern border is in the Cordillera de Guanacaste, touching the Río Corobicí at its northernmost limits. The south part of the canton is in the Cordillera de Tilarán. The canton has a wide variety of landscapes; from swamps and forests, to mountains and volcanoes (a string of which are part of the Cordillera Guanacaste). As it is located at about 500 meters above sea level, the area has a slightly more comfortable climate than some of the more hot regions of the country with an average temperature of about 75oF (or 24oC).

The canton of Tilarán is subdivided into 7 distritos (districts).

1. Tilarán
2. Quebrada Grande
3. Nuevo Tronadora
4. Santa Rosa
5. Líbano
6. Tierras Morenas
7. Nuevo Arenal

Tilarán City is located in the hills overlooking the western Lake Arenal's shore. It is connected by road to El Silencio Natural Park, and via 142 road down through the Cordillera de Tilarán  hills to Tejona.The area between Tilaran and Tejona is one of the most important wind farms in Costa Rica and turbines are prominent on the landscape. Animal husbandry also forms an important part of the local economy.


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