Cantons of Guanacaste: Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz Guanacaste

Located about 50 meters above sea level, Santa Cruz was declared the National Folk City. Despite its modern development, its people have preserved their traditions and customs. Its rich heritage includes song, dance, traditional costumes, culinary heritage, and religious holidays. Perhaps its aspect most famous throughout the country is the tradition of "Christ as Pilgrim" carried out all over the canton's extensive territory during the year. In Santa Cruz, you can still appreciate life in the plains of northern Costa Rica, as we call this region, Bajura, the lowlands. Extensive cattle ranches reflect the life of the 'sabanero', a lively and representative character of Guanacaste.

Every year in Santa Cruz there are a number of festivals that include various bull games, which are very different from the traditional Spanish bullfights. Usually the ring where the bull is released is open to anyone, tourists and locals. In Costa Rica the bulls are never killed as in Mexico and Spain.

Santa Cruz is a beautiful city filled with friendly people with open hearts and is well connected to some of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, it has reliable bus transportation, serving the route directly to the beaches.


Life and Colors from Santa Cruz Guanacaste


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Santa Cruz Guanacaste