Cantons of Guanacaste: Nandayure

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Nandayure Guanacaste

Nandayure is the ninth canton in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 565.59 km², and has a population of 10,567. Its capital city is Carmona.

The canton encompasses a piece of the coastline of the Gulf of Nicoya near the mouth of the Río Tempisque, including Isla Berrugate. It cuts across the center of the Nicoya Peninsula to the Pacific coast between the Río Ora to the north and the Río Bongo to the south.

The name 'Nandayure' is derived from a popular folk legend.  

The canton of Nandayure is subdivided into 6 distritos (districts).

1. Carmona
2. Santa Rita
3. Zapotal
4. San Pablo
5. Porvenir
6. Bejuco

The canton was established by law on October 9, 1961.




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