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Liberia Guanacaste

Few cities or towns in Costa Rica are as attached to a long standing history as Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste. The city, with its accompanying provincial area, has had an intriguing history, having been a part of both Nicaraguan territory and Costa Rican territory at various stages of its being. The largest celebration of the year, in fact, is the "Dia de la Anexion", (or, "Day of the Annexation") where Liberia and its Guanacaste region ultimately annexed themselves to Costa Rica. The city is located about 225 kilometers northwest of San Jose along the Inter-American highway, and stands in contrast to the bustling and chaotic San Jose with its mellow and laid back attitude. Liberia may be the urban metropolis of the region, but it is nothing like your typical business center.  

Liberia is also one of the few really attractive cities in Costa Rica, with large wooded trails and colonial buildings, including the Calle Real, the main north-south artery. Many refer to the city of Liberia as "La Ciudad Blamca" (or, "The White City"), due to its many buildings constructed out of the white-colored clay that is found in the area, as well as many other buildings which have been white washed. The oldest church in the city is the beautiful La Agonia, situated at the far end of Avenida Central. 

Since its opening in Liberia, Daniel Oduber airport, the country's second international airport, has helped this city become a tremendous tourist center, with a splendid amount of services offered to visitors, whether they are staying in the city or simply stopping over as they head to the beaches on the Peninsula of Nicoya (northern ones are less than an hour away) or to Rincon de la Vieja and the Santa Rosa National Parks. In Liberia however, in contrast to other heavily touristed areas of the country, like MonteVerde, it is not instantly apparent that so many tourists are present. There are no pushy salesmen that instantly jump at what they presume to be a tourist, and the streets are always filled with locals who still react with a hint of surprise at the sight of a tourist. Liberia provides an authentic, yet still perfectly accommodating vacation spot.


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