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La Cruz is the tenth canton of the Guanacaste province, and was established in 1969. La Cruz borders Nicaragua to the north, with the center town of La Cruz being 20km from where the main border crossing to Nicaragua is (Peñas Blancas). La Cruz is located on the shores of what is known as the viewpoint La Cruz. This viewpoint, and the Santa Rosa National Park (which is in close proximity to the central town of La Cruz) are its largest tourist attractions. The best known beaches of La Cruz are: Junquillal, Cuajiniquil, Jobo, Rajada, Salinas Bay and Manzanillo. The area of La Cruz is well known and very popular for its prime surfing conditions - from wind surfing to regular surfing, and contains the famous "Witch's Rock" point, known as the best surfing spot in the area. One can easily take a break from their surfing in this area and relax on the sea shore only to see sea turtles resting and relaxing, and at certain times of the year, nesting their eggs. Away from the beaches, the area of La Cruz contains much interesting history, as it was the sight of many a battle in the past centuries.


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