Cantons of Guanacaste: Hojancha

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Hojancha Guanacaste

Hojancha is the 11th canton in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 261.42 km², and has a population of 6,960. Its capital city is also called Hojancha. The name 'Hojancha' comes from the exceptionally large leaf of a tree that is common in the area. For its cleanliness and order, this region earned an "Eco Blue Flag". 

The canton is in the midsection of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is relatively compact, with a single tentacle reaching south to encompass a small portion of the Pacific coastline from Playa Carrillo southward to the mouth of the Río Ora.

The canton of Hojancha is subdivided into 4 distritos (districts).

1. Hojancha
2. Monte Romo
3. Puerto Carrillo
4. Huacas

The canton was established by law on November 2, 1971.


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