Cantons of Guanacaste: Carrillo

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Carrillo Guanacaste


Carrillo is the fifth canton in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This canton covers up an area of 577.54 km², and has a population of 29,298. Its capital city is Filadelfia.

The area of Carrillo is shaped like a boot, with the Pacific Ocean at the top. The Río Tempisque decorates the front of the boot from top to toe. The Río Cañas and Río Bolsón provide the heel and sole.

The town of Carrillo is a little beach town where the distractions and noises are few, creating an environment absolutely perfect for relaxing and soaking in the beauty that is this area of Guanacaste. Along the beaches themselves, you'll see none of the development and activity that is present on some of Costa Rica's other beaches, but simply long stretched white sand and palm trees.

The canton of Carrillo is subdivided into 4 distritos (districts).

1. Filadelfia
2. Palmira
3. Sardinal
4. Belén

It was established by a decree of June 16, 1877.



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