Cantons of Guanacaste: Bagaces

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Bagaces Guanacaste

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Bagaces is the fourth canton in the province of Guanacaste Costa Rica. It covers an area of 1,273.49 km².

This small town is about 22km northwest of Cañas on the Interamericana, and is actually the headquarters of the Area de Conservación Tempisque which in conjunction with Minae, administers Palo Verde National Park, Biological Reserve Lomas de Barbudal, and several smaller and lesser known protected areas. The Bagaces area has a rich history, and the name 'Bagaces' actually comes from the name of the Indian chief Bagatzi, who was ousted upon the arrival of the Spanish.  

3km south of Bagaces on the road to Palo Verde is the turnoff for Llano de Cortes, a hidden waterfall that's free to enter and perfect for an afternoon swim. The incredible Miravalles and Guipilapa volcanoes are in this region.

The Salto River on the west and Tenorio River on the east delineate this canton, with Tempisque River as the southern border and the northern border high in the Cordillera de Guanacaste. 

The canton of Bagaces is subdivided into 4 distritos (districts).

1. Bagaces
2. La Fortuna
3. Mogote
4. Río Naranjo


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